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Incriminating Confessions
What is that strange great desolation residing inside of me? Where does it come from? It is a symptom ever remains unknown.
Where does this haunting rapture that is elegantly dressed in black hide? Every time I hear a grievous song or melody I ascend to a parallel world, strangely I feel the ecstasy. How come? Why do I feel I belong to blue songs, and they belong to the heart of me as well. The joyful joints are never missed, despite their presence they regrettably do not last.
My all-time favorite playlist didn’t change much through the years, sizzling beats come as fast as they go, and the throne still is reigned by same old songs. I believe there is something deeper than the crust of the comparison, something basic and genuinely elementary behind the sight and scene. Is it the consistency they show and I try to be loyal for,or honesty that I appreciate and abide, is it the plain decency they have when they speak to us, awake our souls from crippling clueless sleep. Maybe it is
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Tell Me how Blue Can You Get?
Darling tell me how blue can you get?!
cause I can get so blue too
& all the pain that we feel now,
is what we got ourselves deep into
back in days when we had it all
you were mine as I was proudly yours
love was born so young & pure
back in days when we had it all
reminiscing all the writings on my empty wall
all the sweetest words I’ve never heard before
telling: you’re my only peace, you’re my endless war
you’re my complaint & how funny you’re my only cure
but now few bright seasons has sadly come to end
the good days had passed away, had gone away just like the wind
& the old river has forgot to run, with the same past nice flow
dreams are shattered, faith is broken & hopes are fading,
& I knew new days are never made for us to glow
change has come, & I wonder: how indeed can we stand?
if I could just turn back the hands of fate
but alas, it was all out of hand
oh alas, yes it was all out of my weak hand
now all i see is grey pictures
all i visit is da
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just say i love you (2)
قولي فقط..إني أحبك
فلتجلسي يا جنتي ولتعلمي
يكفيك من علمٍ حروفٌ أربعٌ:
ألفٌ تتوج رأسها بهميزةٍ
هي أولٌ، ثاني الحروف الحاء
حرفان إن أردفتهم (هي راحةٌ)
والسِّحر كل السِّحر وص
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just say i love you (1)
قولي فقط ..إني أحبك
فالحبُ من غير الصراحِ خواء
قولي فقط ..إني أحبك
شيطان شعريَ قد أتى
من بعد أن هيجتهِ
والآن يسري في يدي
يا ليت قلبي يهتدي
يا ليت شعري يرعوي
ما أكذب الشعراء
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If you would share your misery
I’ll be your grave of grief
If you are seeking remedy
You know am your relief
You may have made me enemy
But both have one belief
Before we make big felony
& fall like autumn leaf
Ego, arrogance & agony
Those sense don’t makes you Eve
If you don’t get my melody
Then it’s time to make it brief
((If we can’t live with one love… then let’s just LIVE in peace…))
Adam you chose your destiny
& tore our only reef
Your vow turned down to a legacy
You slipped like expert thief
Glamorous promises & prophecy
Fake wraps of your mischief
If I would share my misery
I’ll be my grave of grief
If I was seeking remedy
I know my own relief
You made yourself my enemy
We both have own belief
You pushed me making felony
You killed that youthful leaf
Ego, arrogance & agony
Feelings don’t seems like Eve
Lyrics & tunes of your melody
Are me myself in brief
((If we can’t live with one love&
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I have a friend that I’ve never seen him/her for a long time, so I decided to write him/her this letter.
I wrote his/her name in pearly letters at the top  of the paper he/she was looking at, I told him that am sorry for the long unjustified absence, I felt so bad but I said “I’m fine & am still struggling & trying to survive, I told him/her that I was longing for the moment of our gathering again. We used to share pleasure & grief the same as we shared the air we breathe every day. He/she was a true friend who witnessed my glories, my falls & knew my whole story, he/she was someone I can depend on, he/she was someone worthy to lean on, he/she was one who told intentions & work to make them fulfilled.
I even added: “I know we are a little bit far away, we didn’t have the time to see how each one was doing so far as we became entangled in a busy life & bearing a heavy load. I was sure that nothing has changed inside, we still cherish each other the sam
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BOBBI JO KITCHEN 294x440 by essence-of-wisdom BOBBI JO KITCHEN 294x440 :iconessence-of-wisdom:essence-of-wisdom 1 0
All I ever need is a wall and a
All I ever need is a wall & a mirror.
A wall to hang my memories on, wall to scribble my confessions on it, a wall to tell my secrets to, to write my silly notes, to hold my pearly dreams & half-empty thoughts.
I need a wall to protect me. To teach me how to last & hold on, I need a wall that I can lean on anytime, & just because walls have ears; I’ll be telling it the truth, I’ll tell it everything & I know it will be there  for me every time.
I need a wall that can keep my integrity, a wall that can absorb & deal right with my negativity, a wall that can be my remedy when I go insane. It will be my audience in my daily show, it will be my chorus when I am shouting crazy hymns, it will be my listener every day, it will be my mate when I play and it will pay respect,  be quiet & polite when I pray.
I’ll fix its cracks, maintain its bricks, I’ll listen to its echoes & I’ll keep it standing as long as am alive. My wall & I need no roof, & we can li
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devious man in a devious world by essence-of-wisdom devious man in a devious world :iconessence-of-wisdom:essence-of-wisdom 0 0
I am all those things you can't compare !
I am all those things you can't compare
Some people worth long living for. Some things worth keep fighting for. Some moments worth waiting for. But unfortunately; all the good people somewhere here or somewhere else will pass away, all the good things somehow will have an end, & all the lovely moments someday will fade away.
To survive is a choice yet to leave is a must. So live each day as a real human, lead your own path & leave an eternal trace, live like an ideal, live as you never lived before, live as a concept, shadows are mortal, concepts are not.”
Want to be an (I D E A L)??
Be the (I D E A) that (L)ives to (L)ast  (L)ong.  & remember; the (I) refers to you, it encompasses both: the self & the vision.
Am all the best souls you haven’t met
Am all the best hearts you can’t forget
Am all the good feelings you haven’t felt
Am the chances of the win in every single fair bet
Am the paradise in earth you sadly haven’t found yet
Am the sky, am the earth,
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I know there is no one perfect
That point that made my conflict
Cause now I know there is someone
Who knows how can be perfect
Through all good years that we spent
Her acts confirmed my verdict
She threw me with her cool gaze
That kind that ignites a blaze
That gaze had made me convict
Prisoner in an endless maze
And then she added someone
Victim to the top of checklist
& when I saw that checklist
Victims were found so countless
Chasers of the famous priceless
But deep inside I know that
That I was someone different
Like her; she always said that
Am always seeking a different
Then fate made up his circle
We both in love encircled
Thank god it is typical rounded
Cause there is no end for the circle
And now let me tell her tale
She comes, & she is breathtaking
Can’t say how she is heartbreaking
Thank god you gave me that one
Who is real & not just faking
She smiles
She is literally lovable
She frowns
She is also lovable
She laughs
How much she is adorable
She weeps
I stare, stay in
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